Your Zen Garden

PSX_20180712_183056.jpgYour Maine Escape zen garden of the sea is a form of interactive renewable, and changeable art. Your garden provides a medium in which to express your artistic self, and is your personal piece of creativity, philosophy, and an indication of your feelings and your emotions.

Shape the sand. Place your sea pieces, naturally shaped and Smooth by The Gentle, tumbling motion of the Timeless tides. Delight in the unique quality of the jewel like shells. Admire the sea washed sea glass. Feel the world’s smooth Coastal Stones. Consider the origins of the Driftwood.

Relax, create, meditate, design, redesign escape to the Sea.

July 19 – tbd, Thomas Martin

Artist Statement: I see myself as being more creative than I am artistic. My photographs are typically black and white as I think colors distract. Conversly my paintings are very colorful and I attribute that to my photography. They are honest, abstract, and self-reflective.

I have shown my works at the Guild of Beverly artists, SeArts, Gallery 301 @ Montserrat College of Art, and Rocky Neck Art Association, I am grateful to have this opportunity to show them to you at the Solstice Gallery.

To see more of my work visit Thomas Martin Photo & Paint at