Kirstin Elaine Martin, Gallery Director

Our Gallery director Kirstin Elaine Martin has been a champion of the arts in Massachusetts since her arrival in Gloucester in 2000, when she was recruited to help survey people attending cultural events on Cape Ann, to prove that there was a big impact on the local economy from residents and visitors when they spent money on restaurants, hotels, and on shopping during their stay.This research was essential to make the case for funding of the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Soon after, she joined the founding board of the new Society for the Encouragement of the Arts and served on the board of the Gloucester Stage Company. Kirstin also produced and hosted a local cable access show called

In October, 2015, Kirstin edited and published “An Innocence of Vision” the anthology of the works of Gloucester’s Poet Laureate Peter Todd, a few months before his death.

More recently, Kirstin has been a member of the Rocky Neck Art Colony, together with her husband Tom, a contemporary artist.

A polyglot who has lived and worked around the world, Kirstin has a unique set of creative skills all her own and is the owner and President of a PR/Marketing/Business Development firmSparX Cubed. Kirstin’s also a judge and mentor for 2 different start-up competitions in Massachusetts, helping new ventures to raise capital and launch their businesses.

She has fallen instantly in love with New Bedford with all the art and culture it has to offer, including and especially the visual art and social engagement arts relative to Frederick Douglass, Kirstin hopes to be an asset to the New Bedford art community and to New Bedford as a whole by adding the forces of synergy, synchronicity and serendipity with her national and international connections.

With high energy and high hopes Kirstin plans to make the Cosmic Garden Solstice Gallery a vital part of the larger living breathing organism of New Bedford. She “buys local”, is a lover of dogs and is concerned about global warming.